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Posted by Stewart Ballard on 2021/9/30 19:19:17
I got the trunk up on saw horses today and started to clean it up. I am scrapping all that black sound deadening stuff off. It is mostly falling off anyway. What have others used to replace it? Do I even need to replace it?

Here is a part of the 55 Packard that you see mentioned very often (picture 2).
This is what the lower, rear portion of the front fenders bolt to. So why are they on the table and not the car? Way back when I first disassembled my 400, one of the first things I did was replace the rockers on both sides.

Both the front hinge pillars were both rusted out. I had to rebuild them from scratch and had very little to copy from. I was able to save these to put back on the car when the time came. This is one of the reasons I was putting the fenders back on the car at this time. I always assumed that I would just put these back on the car but now I am wondering if it wouldn’t be easier to fabricate something new instead of using these. After all, those hinge pillars are not what they once were so they are not going to just weld right up there.

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