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Posted by HH56 On 2021/10/7 18:42:27
Don't have a good photo of a 55 dash but this has everything labeled and is of reasonably decent quality.

The headlight switch could probably stand taking apart and cleaning and adding a bit of grease to the inside of the box section. On the courtesy light and rheostat part, Ross uses a tiny dab of valve grinding compound. A dab on the wiper, brass circle and contacts for the courtesy light side and on the circle side for the dash light section followed by a vigorous back and forth action to get the working parts clean followed by a good cleaning with brake cleaner. That probably works better than using contact cleaner alone because the abrasive can cut thru the scale and oxidation. It probably wouldn't hurt to follow with a dose of contact cleaner that contains a protectant to keep things from oxidizing again right away. The power antenna switch is the only other one that could come apart but doubt it needs anything.

The Bowden cables for the heater and vent controls could probably stand a bit of light oil. Apply with the cables hanging vertical and let the oil run down the wire and into the housing. Might take a time or two to get from one end to the other.

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