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Posted by HH56 On 2021/10/10 16:37:09
If it is the pink wire from the instrument fuse, it is supposed to go to the cut off pink wire (arrow) on the cluster and is the feed to the instrument voltage regulator. It will be needed.

Power to the instrument fuse comes via a splice in the yellow wire running from the ign switch to the ballast resistor. It is hot only in the right or run position. Goes to the voltage regulator where 12v is dropped down to 5v to run the gas, oil and temp gauges. In a Clipper instead of an oil gauge there would be idiot lights for Oil and Gen and the pink wire would also supply one side of those bulbs.

It looks as if the gauges have been rewired. Instead of white, power out of the instrument regulator to the gauges is usually black and the pink wire on the fuel gauge should be orange and goes to the sender.

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