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Posted by HH56 On 2021/10/13 20:23:10
The Painless harness places indicator bulbs in parallel with front turn signal bulbs instead of powering them separately so no need for the opposite side grounding scheme Packard used. Just need to change the sockets to single wire shell grounded type. If you cannot find the sockets locally or at Amazon, RI Wiring has some that should fit in the cluster holes.

Here is the Painless diagram with the plug numbers for the round plug from the turn signal switch located near the front of the dash at the steering column. The main loom side should have terminals that can be removed from the plug although you might need to completely remove the old wires from the terminals and reuse them. I usually can cut the old wires off flush and drill the remainder out and then solder in new wires.

If you have the original 3 terminal brake switch the Packard colors are shown or if you are going to use the two terminal and relay conversion then just follow those diagrams referring to the original colors.

There is no provision for hazard lights in the Packard turn switch so not sure if there is anything available to incorporate that function.

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