Re: Stewart

Posted by HH56 on 2021/11/7 23:22:08
I made a pair of brackets out of 2x4s and sat it on my workbench. Since you weld and if you have some bar stock or angle iron that would work too Brackets were sort of shaped like upside down Ts with the cross piece at the bottom to be used as legs and wide enough to keep the dash stable. Put a lag bolt and washer in the two bottom side tabs and have the 2x4s long enough to span the distance from the side tabs up to the dash top as well as raise it off the bench to a comfortable standing height. I can't remember if the ashtrays had to be removed for the wood to clear and reach the top though. For the upper fastening I think I just used wire thru one of the closest holes and fastened that to the 2x4s. Doing it that way with wire allowed some flexibility so the dash angle could be changed a bit. You could do the same thing for standing on the floor by making the legs longer to put the dash at chair height. If you wanted some security against accidental tipping you could also add another thinner piece of wood at the top and brace it to a wall or other fixed piece of furniture.

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