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Posted by Stewart Ballard On 2021/11/9 19:21:10
Thanks again Howard.
I was able to construct a frame from your post to support the dash. I should have figured that out myself. I had plenty of scrape wood around to do the trick. Now I can get to both sides.

We have a couple days of warmer temps here so I was able to get the underside of the hood and trunk coated with epoxy primer yesterday. That is probably the last spraying I'll do until spring.

Now just between you and me. I am planning to leave the undersides of the trunk and hood as they are right now. I am not planing to top coat them. The epoxy should be durable enough to handle it and there will be an insulation pad under the hood to take the heat.

One last thing for today. You see the image of the ignition down below. The lettering should be red but has faded with age. Does anyone have any tips on easiest way to make it red again?

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