Re: Stewart

Posted by HH56 On 2021/11/9 20:01:46
I don't remember ever seeing red letters on any of the bezels -- only black -- but then I have never got up close and personal with a 55 and some of the early ones did have different paint treatments such as the dash colored rings on the chrome face of the ashtrays.

Whichever color you use, I take a fine bristle brush like a toothbrush and some mild detergent to get grease, crud and oils out of the letter grooves. Mask the major part of the bezel just leaving the metal bare on the flat lettered surface. I prefer spray paint in a light application but being sure the paint gets in the grooves. I guess brush on paint would work too but try not to let it completely fill up the grooves. Let it set briefly and then before the paint gets dry dampen a soft rag with thinner and carefully wipe the excess paint off the flat metal surface. As long as the rag is not saturated and you do not press hard it should remove paint from the flat surface but leave it in the grooves. If you wanted you could wrap the rag around a small flat wood block so finger pressure does not push the rag in the grooves and pull out the still damp paint. A similar method works in painting the grooves in the side stainless only that is much more tedious because the surface is so much larger and it will need the rag around a flat block.

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