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Posted by Stewart Ballard on 2022/8/8 18:52:00
Classics 2 Current wanted me to send that stupid drip rail back to them. I can't believe they paid shipping to have me return a $5 strip of sheet metal. I am still waiting for the correct part from them.
I gathered all the wiper parts and cleaning them up. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to lock the spring back. Once the holes aligned the whole process clicked and I understand it now. I'll play with it tomorrow.

I am also digging out some of the stainless steel trim pieces to start cleaning and polishing some more of those. All this time I thought that was these foil pieces were tarnished from the gold-plated "The Four Hundred" script but it is painted that way. I guess it makes the gold script stand out better. I have a friend that has one of those Cricut, vinyl printer machines. I am going to see if he can make me a stencil for it.

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