Re: Debi's 1953 Patrician

Posted by Duane Gunn On 2013/5/6 18:07:49
I thought I would work on the brakes. I pulled them all off and cleaned the wheel cylinder of each wheel. I then blew out the brake lines and the gas line. I then found my gas tank was clogged. The brakes were easy compared to the gas tank. The gas tank sending unit was stuck so I put it in my can of carburetor cleaner for 5 days and it worked after I pulled it out. I thought if the carburetor cleaner worked on the sending unit, 2 gallons of carburetor cleaning solution might work in the gas tank and clean it out. After a week of waiting, the gas 3tank was still clogged. I put a wire in the outlet and put it on my drill to clear the clog. After the 5th wire, the wire finally broke. I took it down to a local garage and they removed the wire and cleaned the gas tank.

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