Re: Debi's 1953 Patrician

Posted by HH56 On 2017/5/4 22:25:54
Wonder if applying dry ice to the dist while protecting the block from the cold would contract it enough to loosen. If that is not feasible what about removing the oil pump and seeing if a long brass drift could be threaded up to tap the end of the dist from that side.

If there is enough room possibly a coupling nut and an ordinary bolt threaded down into it would work. Place the nut and bolt in the center of the flange where there is some stronger support and then unscrew the bolt to increase the distance the bolt head moves away from the nut. That might put enough pressure on the dist to move it. It might take one on each side to provide equal pressure.

On your no spark verify the condition of the cloth covered wire inside the dist between the points and the outside terminal. If you have that particular wire setup and the cloth has rotted and fallen off the wire as several have, the points could have a constant short to ground and the coil will never spark

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