Re: Debi's 1953 Patrician

Posted by Duane Gunn On 2018/4/12 7:15:28
Almost a year has gone by without me adding anything.

Last fall I blew my muffler out! I had the distributor rebuilt and was driving it on the freeway when the car bogged down and started up and I heard a loud BANG! The muffler was blown. So for the next 10 miles I drove with no muffler. At home I noticed a lot of blow by out the down draft tube. I got some Car Tech Gel and added it to the oil following their directions. I have driven a couple hundred miles with no muffler, all on the freeway so as not to bother the neighbors too much. The car has always started up good, but now has better acceleration and the back firing has stopped.
With a new muffler I now hear different noises like a fan belt squealing. So I can fix other things now.
I will be updating each new fix and find.

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