Re: Debi's 1953 Patrician

Posted by Duane Gunn On 2018/6/2 15:51:19
On an update on the Cer Tek Gel, the car is running good. I still have some blow by, I have good acceleration, but not smooth at idle. It will idle fine with a miss, but takes off smooth with no back firing. It starts great when cold, but when warmed up I have a hard time restarting it.

I had a leak in the power steering unit under the car. I added stop leak to it and put a drain pan under the car to catch what was leaking. On checking the drain pan under the car I found a scorpian in the pan. The scorpian was dead of course but I'll be looking for a second one from now on. Oh, power steering isn't leaking as much now.

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