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Posted by Duane Gunn On 2018/6/26 23:26:20
I know this is my 53 Patrician blog but I am working on 3 other cars at the same time.

Here is a picture of a king pin for my 1940 160 Sedan. I have owned the car for 13 years and the left front tire is wearing out on the inside of the tire. So I decided to get a rebuild kit and try to replace it. My nephew is a diesel mechanic and he is helping me. We have the car up on jack stands and tried to remove the pin holding the king pin in. We tried beating it, then used a torch to heat it up and beat it. I called a friend and he said to spray it with penetrating oil for a week and then beat it, that's how to remove the pin. Another mechanic said, "a small hammer is used to form metal, a large hammer is to move metal". I am using a 4 lb hammer and can't find a 5 lb hammer. The 8 lb hammers have a 4 foot handle, I can't use that under a car.
Any suggestions on how to remove the pin holding the king pin on?

I am working on putting together an engine that was just cleaned and re-bored from sitting too long for a 1948 Super 8 Limo, 141" wb. So that will show up here too.

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