Re: 51Packards....52 Packard 200 Deluxe!

Posted by Charles on 2019/8/11 16:29:02
So I cleaned all of the connections, including the copper strip going from the solenoid to the starter and the bolt & block area for the ground wire. Still only clicks.

Removed all the wires from the starter and connected it straight to the battery with heavy duty jumper cables. When I jumped the connection at the starter to the solenoid, the motor spun, but did not engage the engine.

Hmm...still not sure if it's the battery or the starter.

Next I hooked the starter to a 12v battery that I know was fully charged. Same result. Maybe it's not the battery, but the starter?

Went into the bowels of my garage and managed to find the starter that came with the car originally. I tested this one with the 6v battery and it only spun and the gear only came out a little. Tried with the 12v battery and the same thing! This was using the 12v with positive ground. I switched to negative ground and the starter gear came out a lot farther (not sure how far it should come out). Now I'm not sure what to dry next.

I put the wires back on the old starter and it only clicked again. Then I added a jumper cable from the positive terminal to the engine block bolt on the ground cable and the motor would spin, but not engage.

Is it possible the motor is turning the wrong direction and not allowing the gear to come out and engage the flywheel? I don't want to swap starters since the other one appears to do the same thing when connected to the 6v battery.

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