Re: 51Packards....52 Packard 200 Deluxe!

Posted by Charles On 2019/8/13 17:47:57
Well I can't explain the behavior the starters did when hooked directly to the batteries, but on a whim I replaced the entire ground cable and finally the car turned over (must have had damaged wire in it). In fact it kept turning over even when I took my foot off the gas! Some violent stomps up and down on the gas pedal made it behave again. Now the problem is the starter keeps running after the car starts! I took the vacuum switch off the carb to clean it and the outer rim disintegrated. Now I have to jump the terminals to get it to start again. I don't want to go with a starter button (I like starting it with the gas pedal) so I will have to try to find the carb from my old car to steal the switch from or source another used one. At least I can move the car!

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