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Posted by Charles On 2020/12/7 19:52:02

Let me vent for a moment. One of my biggest pet peeves are people who light fireworks when it's not the forth of July. Don't get me wrong, when it's holiday appropriate I have no problem with people setting off fireworks. I prefer the ones that give a show in the sky instead of the noise makers, but I'm fine with it. Even New Years would be fine.

Well Sunday night around 9pm....B A M !!! Sounded like someone lit off an M80. Dogs are barking, my kid is shook up, everyone is caught off guard. My neighbors to my left are notorious firework users preferring the noise making type. I ran to the window to catch them in their back yard, but didn't see anyone. Thanks a lot for disrupting our nice evening jerks!!

Anyway back to the car. I haven't driven it all year. Just no time and what not. I have been trying to start it regularly though. Saturday night I tried and I got one crank and then nothing. I guess the battery is weak. I noticed I had left the battery cables loose so I cleaned the terminals and tightened them down to see if that worked. Nope, no crank at all so I hooked it up to the charger and put the hood down in case it rained overnight.

Sunday I didn't bother trying to start it. Wanted to make sure the battery got a really good charge.

Monday when I got home it was already dark. Rather than disconnect the battery I figured I would see if it started while still on the charger. Click Click Click Click is all I heard. I can't believe this! That battery should be fully charged by now! Lifted the hood and this is what I found...

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