Re: The Stripper Clipper (1955 Panama)

Posted by 64avanti on 2014/7/6 21:58:08
As of today,She has been around the block a couple times.
The Carb is not quite right with a rather anemic power circuit and I continue to think on that.
The good news is that the brakes & suspension feel very good
and the exhaust is sort of hanging in there, I will tackle that once the carb is good enough to get me to the muffler shop.The trans also feels very good.
We ventured a mile of so to a car get-together at a friend's place and she was a bit of a hit, being to only 50's car there. In a perfect world, we would be ready for the big weekend coming up in Iola, WI.
The rear hubcaps will go on as soon as the axle nuts are torqued. progress!

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