Re: The Stripper Clipper (1955 Panama)

Posted by 64avanti on 2014/7/23 22:10:55
The exhaust is in and it really sounds great, I went with Super Turbos from Dynomax/Walker. The lead pipes came from the large Packard exhaust supplier, my plan was to order these up as they would be difficult for a local shop to do, but have the local guy hang the mufflers & bend the tail pipes to avoid any fitment problems that I have heard so much about. Well the right pipes from the manifold back to the X frame came up 5" short and the shop had to insert a piece. If this was a big buck senior car...well, envision a Yosemite Sam moment :)
This weekend, she will get a good shake down and perhaps we will have a "bonding" moment together.
Next step is to chase the dash lights & see if the speedo is any good. Just hope to avoid the rain!
Oh, the lifter tick comes & goes but let's see what a hundred mile or so does

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