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Posted by Troy Taylor on 2015/7/19 20:10:07
I thought I would start a workshop blog instead of putting the items in my car blogs to make it easier for those who like to follow whats happening.

We will start with the 56J that was built and installed over the 4th. One happy customer to have Ms. Elenore back on the road.

I am beginning the assembly of another 56J, 56 Packard as well as a 55 Caribbean which I will post as we go along with the trany's we have the 374 being assembled.

The 56J I just disassembled was a mess. A band had broke and carved into the Clutch pack drum, the heat was intense and welded the planetary drum to the rear pump bushing. On top of that home made undersized band finger pins, and EVERYTHING on the shift selector shaft was drilled and hard pinned. But, it is ok, we can fix all that and I will post as we do.

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