Re: Ken's 1937 120 Touring Sedan

Posted by Ken_P on 2015/8/13 21:05:50
A few pictures to post - sorry about the poor lighting. I think I have dropped my cell phone a few too many times, as a lot of my photos have a reddish tint. I didn't get a photo of the trunk - it has what appears to be the original rubber coated sheet above the spare tire and the original tool kit in a very dilapidated bag. I haven't had the opportunity to exam it yet.

I drove the car to work today, just for fun. It drove well, started easily, nice and torquey. I do have a few things to do - I think the center pivot bearing on the steering is worn out, and the clutch needs to be adjusted, but overall it was a very pleasant experience. I have about a 12 mile drive to work, mostly along country roads and a country highway, so it was perfect for motoring. Not too much fun over 55, but that was the speed limit anyway, so it worked out nicely.

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