Re: Ken's 1937 120 Touring Sedan

Posted by Ken_P on 2015/11/22 12:58:09
I had to go in to work for a few hours today, so I took advantage of the warm, dry fall (40F - last year at this time I already had used the snowblower a few times!) to take the Packard for a spin. Life has been very hectic, so I haven't driven the car in about a month. She started just like always, and I found out the heater works! The valve was already on, which explains why the floor got so hot this summer. It does have a few oddities that I am hoping for some help with.

1. The ammeter always shows a slight discharge. -2-3 at idle, -1 at higher rpm, -4-5 with lights on and idling. I know the generator is charging, because it always starts well. Is there a way to calibrate or adjust ammeters?

2. It takes forever to start when it has been sitting, and I have to pump the pedal or even start it like it is hot. (gas pedal in). No, I am not flooding it! Is it likely just a leaky needle and seat?

Thanks, as always.

Edit: I looked closely, and the intake manifold shows signs of leakage from under the carb. I will check for tightness, gasket, etc.

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