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Posted by Ken_P on 2021/4/26 7:36:24
Still plugging away. Edit: on the overheating issue, I've been plugging away on the tech sheet from the Packard Club website. I've eliminated most of it.

Took a trip this weekend. About 130 miles in total, mostly with my local car club. The car has 430 miles since the in-frame overhaul, and I'm still fighting a warm running issue. I had the radiator gone through when I had the engine out - it is a newer style core, not flat soldered. He flushed, flow checked, and pressure tested it, all sat.

I went through the water pump - clearance is a little out of spec (0.060" impeller to housing vice 0.021 - 0.039") but overall seems in good condition. The "brand-new" pump I have sitting on the shelf has zero impeller to housing clearance. Zero! So, I'll send that out for a rebuild.

I flushed the block with Evaporust for about a week, using a bucket and a heater. The evaporust turned black, which tells us it's working. The gano filter I have installed has also caught a bunch of gunk. A bunch.

I verified the timing, swapped in a new distributor to verify the advance springs and vacuum advance were all functioning properly. Plugs say it is not running lean, maybe just a tad rich even.

I pulled the thermostat off for my tour this weekend just to see what happened. With no thermostat, it heats up to almost 200F while going down the highway at about 50 mph.

After I got back from the tour, I popped a freeze plug, took a look. Everything looks pretty clean. Still some rust and iron deposits, but not mountains of crud.

Flushed the block and reinstalled the 160F thermostat (after verifying it works), and seems like it is still running warm. Sitting at a stoplight for 10 minutes waiting on a train, the car got up to about 185 while idling. It was 60F outside. Seems excessive. Similarly, running down the highway, running between 175 and 185.

Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? Is 185 "normal" for this car with a 160F thermostat? Should I try a different thermostat?

The car ran VERY rich (heavy black smoke due to carbon deposits in the head) for about 350 miles. Is it possible I clogged the muffler I installed about 5 years ago?

Also - the car is supposed to take 20 qts of coolant per the book. It takes 13, with everything drained, drip-free, and air blown as dry as I can get it. Does the book spec include the heater circuit maybe? (although I don't think the heater would hold 7 qts). Is the spec wrong in the shop manual?

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