Re: Ken's 1937 120 Touring Sedan

Posted by Ken_P on 2021/4/28 18:25:23

kevinpackard wrote:
Is there a simple way to clean it off besides removing the head and physically removing it?

I don't think so, but other than the risk of breaking old studs, this is a pretty simple job.

I suspect the lower combustion chamber temperatures caused by the lower CR, maybe abetted by the cylinder head geometry, is the cause of this carbon buildup. Not a Packard-specific issue - Model Ts (I know, older engine) recommended pulling the head twice a year to clean the carbon. My shop manual also discusses needing to periodically clean out carbon. In my case, it was exacerbated by poorly fitting exhaust valves. Get your head gasket and a can of spray copper sealant from Permatex, lube your studs a week in advance, and it's a weekend job. Mine snowballed, but just the head gasket/carbon cleanout would've been a weekend.

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