Re: Ken

Posted by Ozstatman on 2021/4/28 20:29:32
kevinpackard wrote:....Is there a simple way to clean it off besides removing the head and physically removing it?....Kevin
How about "steam cleaning"?

By "steam cleaning" I'm thinking if you squirt a little water down the carb, once the engine is up to operating temperature, it'll steam clean the combustion area. Theory is the heat generated in the combustion process would convert the water to steam, which would act on any carbon deposits to break them up and exit the broken up deposits through the exhaust system.
Probably not a good idea, but I think I've heard of this being done. How successful? I don't know. Plus, in the past, I've heard of "water injection" being used on some engines, so maybe it's OK? A little research on that fount of all wisdom, Wikipedia, found this. But it doesn't help with my theory!

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