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Posted by Ken_P on 2021/5/16 20:08:04
Working through the flushing. It’s getting slowly better, but still running warm. Seems related to speed and load, so either I’m still fighting a tight engine, or it is a radiator capacity issue. The new rings have about 550 miles on them, so they should be pretty close to seated, I would think.

The radiator is dropping heat evenly across it, so I I don’t think anything is clogged up. It is a newer core - I’m starting to wonder if the core doesn’t have the right capacity? Has anyone done a flow check with the radiator in the car? I’m thinking I could dump 5 gallons in the top of the radiator and time how long it takes to come out the bottom, starting the stopwatch when water first came out? Would that work?

Unfortunately, where I live right now, I with have miles of stoplights or I have to get on the freeway, so I need to be able to run 50-60 mph without getting warm.

I drove about 40 miles round trip this weekend to go for a bike ride. Good times!

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