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Posted by Ken_P on 2021/5/24 8:21:31
Found a shop who can flow test the radiator, so I pulled that out Friday night. It was quite a bit easier than I thought it would be!

1. Drain coolant.
2. Remove hood, and hood support rods. You may have to flex them a little to pull them with the front clip bolted up. Watch the paint!
3. Remove upper radiator hose and thermostat housing.
4. Remove fan, water pump pulley, belt, and water pump.
5. Remove large nut from underside of car, remove 6 small bolts holding radiator to radiator frame.
6. Grasp the radiator upper tank, angle the top back, and pull up.

I used some moving blankets to cover the fenders and grill. I think I had less than an hour in the job, but I've also had the water pump off and on several times in the last year, so I'm getting pretty proficient.

I also pulled the water distribution tube again. Still clean, but there was some sort of warning label in the very last hole! The tube was checked clean about 8 months ago, so not sure where this label came from. Wonder what else is flowing around in my cooling system???

While I have the radiator out, I'm going to make an adaptor that will let me hook up a hose at the rear block drain and the heater hose connection, and back flush the block out of the thermostat housing and the block. I'll flush through each outlet individually, then both together. I may run some more evaporust through just the engine as well, depending on how long the radiator shop takes, and what a visual inspection reveals. I bought a small camera, so I'm going to try and inspect the block via the water distribution path.

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