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Posted by Ken_P on 2022/5/15 22:07:28
Trunk renovation phase 2 is in progress. Pulled the trunk lid off today, treating the rust, and weatherstripping to follow.

I have new weatherstripping for the trunk. Of note, I originally got it from Max Merritt. Poking around on the Steele rubber website, they had another product listed that matched what I removed from my trunk, so I ordered that. (To be clear, both Max Merritt and Steele rubber state that the part number I originally purchased is a serviceable replacement and not a factory replacement.)

I was just going to omit the strip on the gutter side, but it covers some seams. So now I’m looking for 1/2” wide, 1/16” thick rubber strip. Striking out so far, so I’ll make some calls this week.

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