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Posted by Ken_P on 2022/6/12 20:14:39
About 1100 miles since the in-frame overhaul, and she's running smoother all the time. Very pleased. Thanks again to Ross for all the help summer of 2020!

I've been pushing to get out and do something each weekend in the car, just to get the engine warm, and because it's fun to drive! I also bought a plastic cup holder/center console that sits on the floor and makes for much easier driving than trying to shift while steering through a turn and not spill my coffee!

Last weekend, I actually drove out onto the local beach for the sunrise with my 10 yr old - his idea! Was a ball, and I didn't even get stuck driving off.

There has been a persistent clunk when taking off - thought it was u-joints, new u-joints didn't change it. New motor mount up front, again no change. Verified it's not the exhaust. It actually appears that it is the pinion shifting upon takeoff! So, once we get moved into our actual house down here in Florida at the end of the month (new construction woes), I plan on disassembling the rear suspension and systematically going through everything until I find the problem. It could be as simple as a bad leaf spring bushing, or as bad as a cracked leaf spring! Either way, I'll figure it out and make it right.

The other project upcoming is a front end alignment. Now that it's not running hot and I can actually drive it, I want to get the front end right. Caster and camber were both a little off, and I have the parts to fix both now.

I do need some advice on the order of those two projects. I was planning on trying to get the front end alignment done next week (found a shop where I can assist/oversee the work while the car is on the rack - great guys!). But it occurred that perhaps I should wait until the rear suspension is sorted. Any thoughts?

Oh - I did find a spot on my trunk weatherstripping where I can move a strip of paper side to side. Now how in the world do I fix that? Try and adjust the gutter a little bit? The trunk lid is tight and centered.

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