Re: Ken's 1937 120 Touring Sedan

Posted by Russell Harmon on 2022/9/22 0:29:44
Hi Ken, have been following along for awhile, thoroughly enjoy your blog, so thank you.

I have a 39’ 120 Club coupe. Has about 5,000 miles on it since a full engine rebuild, and I’m beginning to experience some of the same overheating woes that you were. I had my radiator recorded before the engine rebuild, and even re flushed and checked before the new engine was installed. After the rebuild, I installed a 7 blade flex fan to help maintain the temperature while it was being broken in, but now it doesn’t seem to be helping and my engine as well will begin to run anywhere between 180-200 depending on load, speed, and extended idling.

Anyways my intent with this now rambling question is, do you think your radiator was the main issue for running warm? Thanks

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