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Posted by Ken_P On 2022/11/2 12:03:23
Long time, no post. I've been away for work for some of it, just busy moving and living life for some of it. I have been out in the car quite a bit, and the more I drive it, the better it gets.

I am working a long-standing problem, and hoping for some insight here.

When taking off, I would often get a loud "clunk". I initially suspected the cause as driveline u-joints. I replaced those, no change. Also new engine mounts and significant looks at the exhaust to make sure it didn't hit the frame. This spring, I had a helper look at the drivetrain when I was taking off. There is significant pinion motion when taking off, especially if transitioning from reverse to forward. That seems to be the source of my clunk.

I was assuming a rear suspension problem, and have begun disassembly and inspection, but so far I have found no smoking guns. I have both leaf springs off, gaiters removed, and while I'm still cleaning, I haven't found any cracked springs, broken shackles, broken shackle bolts, bad bushings, or any obvious problems. Other than chipping through 85 years of grease buildup, I was amazed how easily everything came apart.

I did find grease from the passenger side shackle on the fuel tank and rubbing on the passenger rear wheel well, indicating that the whole rear axle assembly is shifting to the left.

The ONLY issue I've found is that right rear shackle feels a bit looser than the left. With the axle disconnected from the leaf springs, I could get more lateral play out of the passenger leaf spring than the drivers.

Anyone experience this? How tight should the shackles be? Is it possibly just worn out leaf springs? The car has about 54k miles on it.

Thanks in advance!

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