1954 Clipper Deluxe Sportster

Posted by Bryce S. on 2015/8/22 12:15:34
Hey everyone. I just wanted to show you all my 1954 Clipper Deluxe Sportster. I picked her up around April, but I've been busy and haven't done a lot. The seats are in excellent condition, along with the headliner and most of the interior except the floors which are rotted out. As far as I can tell it's complete. I even found the original license plate! The engine is seized and there are no keys, but she's mine I am working on redoing the power brakes (the pedal is stuck to the floor) and getting the engine running. I am debating on whether I should drop the oil pan and pull the engine apart myself, or send it to the local mechanic. Here are some pictures.

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