Packard Eight rebuild

Posted by AJS On 2015/8/29 10:56:46
This is how I spent my Spring, and Summer. This is the last engine Ernie Foster rebuilt. Ernie passed away a few days after we fired the engine for the first time. I only knew Ernie for 5 months but had made a friend for life. I am very sad this friendship was so short lived. Ernie was a wealth of knowledge and I am fortunate to have known him. When I first met Ernie I was on a hiatus from work, I explained to Ernie that back in the mid 80's I worked for Mike Fennel and had overseen many restorations during my years there, then I asked if I could come to the shop and help work on my car, he said NO!. After a month Ernie had allowed me to paint many of "My" own parts, and I was now allowed to work side by side with his technicians' assembling the engine and installing it. Ernie had even offered me a job. I miss our conversations and visiting at his shop. Ernie reproduced Packard 12 heads and Lincoln heads, the next car in line at his shop was a 32V Stutz Roadster, an Auburn 12 Convertible Coupe was nearing its complete restoration. Rest in Peace Ernie Foster

The last photo is Ernie Foster and his Technician Joey.

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