Matt's 39 Touring

Posted by 39Pickle on 2008/10/21 8:40:11
Just called the radiator shop, my recore is done today! (only took about a month, they had to make up the core in Maine) I have everything ready to go, I shellaced the mating surfaces last night, and went and bought 4 gallons of coolant. I had ordered up a new water pump too, just so I had it, but I probably won't use now that I look at it. It will work on my car for sure, but is different than the original; minor casting differences, no numbers or symbols stamped on it like mine, and it is very pitted looking. Mine has a nice smooth mating surface, as well as hose connection areas. Like I say, if mine don't leak, its staying on, the bearing feels great. Have an exhaust coming too, the one on there now is OK, but is an older ammature job, with the wrong muffler and a leaky manifold connection. Plus it bangs against the underside, despite my finest tie-wire efforts. Will keep everyone posted here!

About the name:
We were driving it home from the Cape in August, my 10 year old son riding shotgun, wife and other two in the chase car. We stopped on Rt. 6 just above the state line for gas and an oil check and a gentleman walked over to look (we had been getting lots of attention at these stops) so he asks what it is, and my son declares (with a good deal of enthusiasm, and totally serious I might add) "Its a 39 pickle!" Well that was it, the car was officially named. They all love it, my youngest just want to get in to play, even the wife likes driving it!

Gotta go, I am after all at "work"

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