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Posted by Tobs on 2021/6/12 13:33:14
I am trying to adjust the valves. I had one go at it, and all valves were about 001" or 002" tight, so I opend the valve clearance back up to 007 and 010 inch.
I got the engine warm, and then did the adjustment in pairs. (1,6) (2,5) (8,3) (7,4). I could not get a feel for how to do it with the engine running -that must only be for pros!.
How many degrees do I rotate the crankpulley between each pair of cylinders. Is 90 degrees right? Cyl 4 -the last one I did seemed funny to adjust , and seems to make a little more noise than the other cyls. It also looks like that tappet does not rotate as much at idle as the other tappets do. -When I rev the engine that tappet does rotate, so it is not stuck at least.
I got some good info from this thread
but here rotating the fan was mentioned. I have a wrench and want to rotate the crankshaft.

-After the adjustment, I did notice my vacuum gauge reads 1 more inch of mecury!

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