Re: Mike's 53 Clipper

Posted by Tobs on 2021/6/13 15:09:09
One other strange thing I figured out...after the car was fully warmed up, I was getting a high pitched whistle that I couldn't locate. Water pump, carb, intake manifold, vac lines...couldnt place the noise. It was also only when hot or heat soaked. I finally found it was coming from the vacuum section of my fuel pump. I tightened the circa 10 screws on the top of the pump, and that whistle stopped!
I also tightened my axle nuts and wound up sanding a few thou off the backside of the nut to get them to 260 ft lbs, and lined up with the cotter pin. Backing off to the next cotter pin slot after tightening left the nut pretty loose, so I modified the nut to fit at the specified torque.

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