Re: Mike's 53 Clipper

Posted by Tobs on 2021/9/28 14:15:58
Well, after some 26 years of ownership, lots of fun, lots of work, lots of learning...It is time for my dear clipper to move on to the next caretaker. I'm keeping the clipper "in the family" as it is going to my brother and sister inlaws. The car was used in their wedding, so they also have an emotional attachment to it. I spent some time with the new owners explaining how to drive and shift an overdrive transmission, and all the "ins and outs" of the car. Alex enjoys driving the car, and a few weekends ago he and Nadia drove on a ~100 mile rally in the countryside here. After the long distance, they are still enamoured with the car. I'm happy to turn some more people into the Packard scene.
There is another Packard in my family that I will be soon taking over. It is pretty much the only car that I considered giving up the clipper for. It is a 1953 Caribbean that my uncle has had since 1973. (before I was born!) It's in the registry, and I will start a blog for that car. -I will still be taking care and consulting with the clipper, so either I or Alex will update this blog as things go on.

That is a gigantic change for me (my wife and my daughters too), but I feel it is the right choice. It sure is hard to sell a car that I built from the ground up. It is pretty much a once in a lifetime thing to acquire a caribbean, so I decided it is the right time to change. I feel like the young guy who got the "entry level packard" when young and have now graduated to a more special Packard.

...Now to start a new blog for my next challenge!

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