Re: Mike's 53 Clipper

Posted by Tobs on 2021/9/28 15:06:43
Hi Gerd, thanks.... I've had "Madelyn" for a long time. She has been with me through college, more than half of my life, and also a long time on Packardinfo! It sure is a big deal, and crazy to part from the clipper that I did so much to. That being said, I have known about the Caribbean even longer than the clipper, so that is also a special car for me. I think for as long as I have had the Clipper, I considered (in the back of my mind) the Caribbean the only car the I would trade it for. For this reason, it is turning out to be a surprise for a few people. My wife first, and now you too Gerd
I'd also like to thank everybody that has helped me with advice and parts and motivation with getting the clipper to the state it is in now. The knowledge here is fantastic!
Anyway, I am staying in the packard club, and am glad to have my in-laws also driving a Packard now.

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