Re: Mike

Posted by Ozstatman on 2021/9/30 0:34:58

I too am surprised at this turn in the road, have also been following along on your journey, but pleased the next owners will have your continued support.

Regarding "your" '53 Clipper Deluxe Club Sedan could you update the Registry entry to reflect the change in ownership?

You also said "There is another Packard in my family that I will be soon taking over. It is pretty much the only car that I considered giving up the clipper for. It is a 1953 Caribbean that my uncle has had since 1973. (before I was born!) It's in the registry, and I will start a blog for that car." However I can't see this Caribbean in the Registry, can you point me in the right direction to it please? Or has my eyesight failed to such an extent that I now need a stick and a dog?

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