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Posted by Tobs on 2021/12/12 16:27:20
I'll continue this in "my" or this blog since this transmission was originally from the clipper. I upgraded the clipper to an OD trans years ago, and had this transmission sitting around. I always wanted to take it apart and see how it all works, and hopefully put it back together someday. I would like to rebuild this trans as a back-up, and to learn how it is done. I'm hoping it just needs bearings and gaskets, perhaps synchros and not expensive gears.
There was about 1/32 wiggle room of the clutch input shaft, and it started to jump out of high gear a few times going downhill, and when I opened it up, you could see the 2-3 selector fingers were worn down. I think 1/2 inch width is the original size, and theses were worn down to 3/8 at the worst part. I read the manual, and started taking it apart. First order was remove the cover, then drive out the coutershaft. I just used a 3/8 extension and a rubber hammer and out it came! Steps 1 and 2 were pretty easy.

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