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Posted by Henry Lee Greene IV on 2018/1/29 8:36:16
I'll just keep posting pictures and however they come out is not my concern. I don't have time for that. It wasn't a problem before and i'm not going to go through hoops to fix it. and as you can tell the pictures are upside down. completely not the way I was holding my phone at all. so idgac how they look anymore. too bad so sad.

anyways, the exhaust leaks on my car at the manifold to down pipe. (a certain someone that isn't on here anymore would be saying told you so and laughing and probably poking fun at me)

I got tired of it and decided to fix it with over the counter parts. flange is Walker 31854 and the exhaust donut is for a Jeep/Chrysler part number 60836. total was 20 bucks for the whole repair.

the tapered portion of the gasket fits perfect in the taper of the flange and the top portion is the perfect diameter to fit on the manifold.

this is all for 2-1/4" pipe.

I need to fix some of my crap welding that is leaking at the bottom of the flange, but otherwise no more leak at the gasket portion and it fits like a glove. (product of a crap welder, both the machine and the man)

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