Re: Which shifting arm on a 1954 Packard manual trans is for reverse/low gear

Posted by jimjr51 on 2016/5/29 8:00:02
No car to show, I apologize, for all I have is a 1954, 327 cid flat head straight 8 Packard engine and 3 speed tranny with over drive that was removed from the original Packard car 25 some years ago. It was told that the engine had been rebuilt before that and that is why the Packard drive train was removed in order to save it. The drive train will be kept all stock other than installing a 4 bbl intake manifold from another 327 Packard motor. It will not be going back into another Packard, but will instead be used in an 1920's to 30's hand built Indy Car that I'm building from scratch, body and all. That is why I needed info on the shifting forks.

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