Re: A Tale of Two Patricians

Posted by PackardDon on 2018/3/1 18:48:42
Can hardly stand up (sore lower back) or walk (agitated an existing condition) today so didn't get much done, especially as it's a walk of about a block just to get to the shop and another to get back. However, I did start up the Patrician and ran it to operating temperature, or at least until the choke fully opened. Idled just a little raggedly but smooths out with a tiny amount of throttle and only the odd click or two of a lifter but nothing steady. The main sound comes from a 5-blade flex-fan that has got to go. Too noisy!

On the shifter, I took off the shift lever and sprayed some PB Blaster into the upper and lower areas of the shifter in the hopes that it might free it up but not yet. Started to pull the steering wheel but didn't have the proper bolts for my puller, which is actually made for harmonic balancers although I was surprised to find that the screws holding in the horn ring were very loose. Had already made a trip to town in the morning to ship some 1937 parts and didn't want another drive just for that so called it a day but will do so tomorrow if the toe is better.

However, while doing the work inside the car I was surprised to find a pair of NOS 1956 Clipper door sills on the back seat that I have no memory of ever having bought. In the last few years, I keep coming across Clipper parts and, as with the sills, have no memory of buying anything whatsoever for it!

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