Re: A Tale of Two Patricians

Posted by kevinpackard on 2021/9/5 0:30:31

PackardDon wrote:
Speaking of antenna, is its plastic bezel being reproduced? I saw them for manual antennas but not for electric. I haven’t looked but I presume Steele has the grommet.

Yes, Lavine Restorations does make it, though it's not on the website. They had an unlabeled template that they weren't sure what it went to. After I provided some measurements they realized that the template was for the 51-54 powered antenna.

My car didn't come with that plastic piece, so I had one made. Then as luck would have it, I found the original one in a box of junk inside another box of junk that came with all the stuff in the trunk of the car. I won't be using it now, so if you want it I can send it to you.


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