Re: A Tale of Two Patricians

Posted by PackardDon on 2021/10/27 15:20:38
I’m going to my shop for the first couple weeks in December and hope to get the last two sections of insulation done. The first will be done the day after I get there, then everything moved (including many engines, Packard and otherwise) from the last section and it will be done two days before I leave.

In the meantime as far as car work is concerned, I need to remove the power antenna from the Patrician as it is stuck partially up and is hitting the car lift above. I have a custom tool that I made back on my machinist days for the nut, which works better and does not damage the chrome nut than s spanner. Problem is, I can’t find it so I want to order a standard spanner and have it waiting when I get there so any idea what the side hole diameter is? I seem to recall 1/8” but want to be sure.

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