Re: Randy Berger's 1956 Caribbean

Posted by Randy Berger on 2007/6/1 20:33:26
I ordered a product called "Rust Bullet" because of comparison views and opinions that it worked better than POR-15. After cleaning off the frame and applying it I will post my opinion of this product in this thread.
The first order of business is to pull the front clip, yank out the engine and tranny for a steam and repaint and do the chassis and engine compartment. I contacted the fellow who rebuilt my 400 trans in 1991 and he agreed to rebuild this one also. The car runs well enough, but as long as it is out of there I think it makes sense to rebuild it. I know it hasn't been touched since 1974. I guess I'll call Max or Kanter to see if they have a brake reservoir kit. I need a new fuel line and thought I would design an electric fuel pump circuit while I was at it. It would just be to prime the engine for easier starting, saving wear and tear on the starter. I'm itching to get started or maybe I just need a good shower?

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