Re: Randy Berger's 1956 Caribbean

Posted by BH on 2007/6/3 10:21:26
Randy -

Congrats on a great find!

It's always nice to see another one of these cars come out from under the woodwork and into the hands of someone who will do them proud.

I bet there are plenty of great Packards that aren't listed on any roster. As such, be sure to add you new Packard to the Registry here. We wanna see all cars listed there - regardless of present condition. The beauty of this Registry it is that, aside from being user-driven, it can be updated at anytime with new or revised info and pix. Best of all, it is published for the benefit of all to see - not just the priveleged few.

I look forward to updates on your progress in this great blogspot for Packard owners.

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