Duane's 55 Clipper

Posted by Duane Gunn On 2019/2/7 20:18:25
To start, I have owned this car over 20 years. I have driven it over 70,000 miles, not all trouble free, but fun. I got it as a parts car and repaired everything on it.
It took over 4 years to get it from parts car to driver. It is not a show queen but a daily driver.
When I bought it, the front grill was complete, I thought. The upper grill piece was missing the outside 'loops' to hold the ends to the fender. I have bought new upper grill pieces and noticed I am missing the part that goes from the side chrome piece through the front grill piece to the fender. It looks like it hooks to the side chrome piece and goes through the front grill piece to the fender.
The parts book does not show me how it goes.
Can some one post a picture of how this goes together?

The first picture was taken 15 years ago as the after.
The second pictures is the before picture as I found it in north Phoenix in 1998.

I have 5 other Packards,
one is Debi's 53 Patrician in another blog.
I have a 40 160 Sedan (running)
A 2nd 55 Clipper (with a blown head gasket, but it runs and needs everything)
A 48 Limo (141" wheelbase), doing brakes and need to put engine back together (the machine work is done).
A 48 Sedan its a parts car.

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