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Posted by Duane Gunn On 2020/12/7 0:26:05
I might just start now with working on my Packards and just staying with this blog.
This episode I drove my 1940 160 Touring Sedan to a Club party here in Arizona. The car ran great to the party. It started up fine for the trip home, then I turned on the headlights and they didn't come on. I got a tow home, because you need headlights to drive at night.
I checked out the dimmer switch and it works fine. I have voltage turning on and off at the terminal block on the fender, but no headlights.
I pulled off the headlight bucket to check the headlights and I can't remember how to pull the outer ring out. So that's where I'm going to restart this blog.
Yes, I will add stuff about the 55 Clipper, when it needs work. Right now it is running fine. I did sell the 2nd 55 Clipper, so I am down to 5 Packards, 2 running, 2 needing work, and 1 is still a parts car.
So with the 40 160, I have 3 pictures. 1 for the headlamp bucket. 1 for page 35 in the manual of Fig 23 removing the headlamp outer rim. and the last one for the instructions on how to remove the outer ring. I have forgotten how. Can you help? I thought I would stop there before I do any damage.

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