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Posted by denharc on 2019/7/26 23:05:43
Howdy y'all, name is Harc
i got a 1951 Packard 200 ultramatic touring sedan that I bought.

Im trying to restore the car, with no power tools (mainly because i lack the funds to buy some).

the few problem with the car are
-the 7th piston is seized
-it appears most of the electrical cables and assembly have been cut
-the starter is bad, but not the solenoid
-major rust on the floor pans
-surface rust.
-brakes go to the floor, I believe it is a master cylinder problem (more or less the lack of brake fluid).

I plan on removing the engine and getting it milled and the 7th piston sleeved.

I would appreciate some restoration advice and detailed pictures and diagram for the engine bay (mainly the wiring)
so when i get the engine repaired I can buy and connect new wiring.

also advice on the best/cheapest place to buy restoration parts.

I leave on deployment this October, it is a time hunch build. but i believe I can get it done.

I ultimately I plan on driving this car when i go home.

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