Re: General information -Restoration

Posted by Charles on 2019/7/30 18:53:55
Might be better to source a different engine. Seems they are pretty plentiful and usually cheap. Check out BigKev's project blog for lots of information and wiring. He bought a new universal harness and installed it. I have a few pics on my blogs too. I ended up making my own harness using the old one as a template, but you might not have enough left of yours to do it. There is a service manual on this sight you can download with wiring diagrams. Of course you can always ask the forum for help. Lots of helpful people on this forum. For your brakes, I would replace all lines, cylinders and master cylinder. You don't want to take chances with that. Napa can supply all the parts. You would be surprised how many mechanical parts you can still get from the auto parts stores. See the Packard Parts X-Ref on the left side of the website for examples.

From experience, bodywork and rust repair will be the most difficult and expensive things to be taken care of just to make the car safe. I would start there to make sure you can get this fixed reasonably or you will find the car is only useful as a parts car.

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